Sprinkler King ownership includes:

* Paperless Service Orders and Billing Technology

* Industry Proven, Top of the Line Equipment

* Professional Marked Vehicle(s)

  (fully inventoried to your area) upon request

* Two Week Field Training (at California proving grounds)

* Optional 24/7 Phone Answering and Dispatch

* Limited Use and Replication of all Federally Registered

   Logos and Trademarks

* Only one License Agreement after regional


* Low Buy-In

* Low Annual Maintenance Fee (sliding scale based on

  gross revenue)


This is not a franchise, but rather a license agreement opportunity.  This means more flexibility and personalization to your service and work.


Sprinkler King's reputation has garnered a client list including:

* Municipalities

* School Districts

* Hospitals

* Utility Companies

* Business Parks

* Hotels

* Wineries

* New Developments

* Track Homes

* Large Estates

Through cultivation and Sprinkler King's well-honed business plan you too will build such a clientele.

Do you own your own

landscape business and want

to take it to the next level?


Are you looking to own your own business in the Green Industry?


The state of the art in irrigation service business can be yours with this license agreement opportunity.

"Want It Green? Call the King! ®"


The Green Industry is a fast

growing sector of our economy,

which is vital to the aesthetics and

health of the world around us.

Sprinkler King has been a leader in

the Green Industry for 30 years.

Sprinkler King Incorporated has

created a state-of-the-art turn-key

irrigation service vehicle and

marketing package that is sure to

set the standard for future

irrigation service companies.

Sprinkler King, Inc.  (805) 466-4990   www.sprinklerking.com

Licensed - Bonded - Insured

CA Contractors # C61-D12-645593